Contain Contain
Maryam Monalisa Gharavi

Rehearsal sessions: performer Ramzy Natsheh reenacts Oiticica's original improvisation.

Movements Arms Camera Time
Enters from USR and walks on diagonal; L arm slightly in front of R, both bent in this suspended position Fixed DS position in Center of stage and shooting at an angle (frame angles down to the left) 9:20
you see him starting on Left foot; he walks alternating feet on the diagonal for 5 steps
walks straight forward for 10 steps beginning on R foot 9:25
Turns towards his R shoulder keeping R foot in place and almost spinning around for half turn when back is to audience and then brings L foot and turns around it 9:29
Turns again towards R shoulder same kind of turn but faster; and this turn almost looks like he is spinning off of back L leg and bringing R leg around 9:30
stops on DSR diagonal in a little plie in a small 2nd position for just a second Body keeps the momentum of turn and almost keeps going to the right and then rolls back to the next hop 9:31
small sauté (jump) backwards to USL diagonal with lifting his L leg slightly off ground but keeping it bent. 9:32
change directions back to very shallow DSR diagonal and step (with a little hop almost) on R foot and jump towards R shoulder with a pas de chax lifting L leg then R leg and then stopping somewhere between an open fourth position and second position 9:33
then immediately switch directions to another open fourth facing SL with both knees bent 9:34
from the fourth a little jump off L leg, (almost looks like a ball change but with a jump) to right leg, and then land with L leg on the DSR diagonal almost in a small 4th chaise position 9:35
for a second he almost struggles against the locked-ness of the position (albeit not too much force) and then moves to next step. looks as almost a recognition of being bound by not only parangole but legs; in this struggle legs stay stationary and body swings to the SL a bit 9:36
does a slow turn in 6 steps on the DSR diagonal starting with R leg turning towards R shoulder 9:37-9:41
then begins to move backwards starting with L leg for 6 steps with body facing en face (DS) 9:42-9:47
on the 6th step he rotates 1/2 turn US towards R shoulder on his R foot, keeps turning with L foot stepping ending with back towards DS 9:48
takes 2 steps backwards and then continues turn for 1 more step towards his R shoulder and then steps with R foot towards DSR diagonal, then turns towards R shoulder in 2 steps (L R)
faces USL diagonal (very shallow almost looks just facing SL) and begins to turn slowly. What looks like three steps turns beginning with L leg; 4 turns and they are gradually getting faster
at the end of the turn he does a little switch of the legs getting the L leg in front and then does a little catch step going from R to L foot Camera slowly scanning body down and on the swith of legs camera is doing close-up of legs
He turns directly US starting with R foot. In the series of 3 turns: each turn takes 2 steps (R L). after each turn he walks US (body is facing SR) 2 steps (R L) and then repeats turn and stepping sequence again The 2nd turn is a more syncopated than the first: he spins on R and then almost completes turn by hopping and turning on L. The 3rd turn he almost spins fully on R leg for 3/4 of turn and then steps back on L foot when his body is facing SR and then pull R foot back to where left leg is facing SR with feet parallel
Steps in pattern: faces US and steps on L leg, steps SL with R leg with body facing US; steps L leg close to R leg and turns body to face SR  
step on R leg to chasse to SR with body facing enface 10:12
keep momentum going SR and cross L leg over R (almost looks a little syncopated), then step on slight DSR diagonal with R foot 10:13
cross L foot over SR while turning body to face US and then another chasse to SR but beginning with R leg (R leg bumbs L leg in chasse) 10:15
a series of three chasses moving directly DS going from R to L to R and facing SL then half turn to SR, then chase SR half turn to SL and last one SL then half turn to SR) steps DS with R leg and chasse with a slight turn DS towards R shoulder (L leg bumping R in chase) the chasse moves directy DS and then he continues turning towards R shoulder 10:16-10:19
after 3rd chase downstage ronde jam L leg around and turn body to SL and continue circle US and then cut R leg back and chasse on DSR diagonal then turn body to DSR diagonal with L leg ronde jam around R arm is higher than L in bag Camera is close-up on upper body so I'm guessing with legs 10:20-10:22 ronde jam and turn and last chasse on 10:23
He moves on shallow diagonal DSL and what probably is a three step backing up (with the swaying of the upper body to SL only on the second step and then returns to face SR 10:24-10:27
Next part is mostly shot from underneath parongole with him in fixed position Parangole moves slightly to almost give a peak of what is inside (switching perspective) 10:28
it looks as if he is moving slightly SL during this time; hands are in pretty fixed position with L arm higher
he kind of lets head look up and drop back. 10:34/35
camera looks like it tries to go inside his space but then opts to stay outside and film in front of him but very CU to face and partial arms. 10:37
from - it looks like legs are in a small second not too turned out demi plie (though the camera is outside of parongole and focusing on upper body) and he looks like the body is almost collapsing just slightly forward. Looks like the life, the air, is slowly being let out of his body 10:36
ends by and by 10:54 begins to scroll back up camera begins scrolling, almost inspecting his body like a doctor would; down to his demi plié 10:48-10:53
Camera immediately begins to scroll back up his body 10:54
he almost looks euphoric with eyes closed and mouth slightly open and head tilting slightly to R) the camera has spanned back up to his upper body but this time it is inside the parongole; 10:54- 10:58
He is stationary at first and he begins slowly walking around 11:04 ish and it's almost asif he has a slight awakening of sorts. his face is more alive, eyes are searching beyond confines of bag. the camera stays inside parongole spanning up to his face at 11:04 and almost being on same plane for a few seconds then goes slightly D of his face so the camera is angled at an upwards diagonal. 10:58-11:20
camera leaves parongole and then films in front of him 11:20
he closes hands in front of face 11:21
begins to walk forward with upper body slightly collapsing forward
48 beginning of L leg and which are in plie with legs in a small rotated second positon ; step 11 12 13 are a little more syncopated, he slows down at 18 and 19 for a little and legs don't seem so bent and choppy during walk 11:23
32-33 he passes in front of the camera at he walks past camera to darkness and camera says fixed but rotates and watched him go to the darkness 11:52
last 8 steps he turns his body (this is in darkness) and walks backwards around the barrier and then vanishes