Stellan Veloce
There are really great listeners out there. Like my friend Chiara. She listens with much attention to all beings, to sounds, to words or music. Also she has a very clear idea of what sounds she prefers. One summer day we listened to her favorite musics, she explained to me why she loves these sounds so much:
I had visions, I had wings, a volcano. It's like somebody hitting you on the back, hammering. Like I had a man running up and down my stomach, like a pressure pot. Let's listen to Bonehead. It's like a representation of what I feel, if you could look. The representation of my character would be a sound like this. Is like the satisfaction of a person that makes good jokes. I love when the drums play like it doesn't fit with the rest. When it doesn't make sense and then again it does. Also when it never makes sense is good. Charlie Parker is like an oscilloscope going fast, Mingus is like slower waves, Coltrane is liquid, round, like a river, dense. Is warm, visceral. I become fire. You know when the matches light up and are big under?
We spoke about her imaginary perfect song. We wrote down the ingredients to produce this music and called it Chiara's dream piece:
Heavy, fast, uncoordinated drums. Screaming. Deep wind instruments. Noise of brushing with solid objects on regularly uneven surfaces. Strong percussive sounds e.g. hit metal table with a baseball bat. Polyrhythmic layered patterns. Chanting. Committed visceral crystalline phrasing. The sound of a chips bag being manipulated. Unexpected pauses/silence. It should feel like: a kick on the lower back. Melting into magma. Muscular spasms. A small person walking in your stomach. Preparation: listen to Mississippi Fred McDowell for at least 1 hour.
Hoping to hear the piece performed, we shared these instructions and set up the email address chiarasdreampiece@gmail.com so that anyone looking for a really great listener could send recordings or schedule performances with Chiara.
Dear Listeners, I invite you to take inspiration from our experience: Get in touch with your favorite sounds. Share them. Talk about what makes you love them so much. Make your own recipe for your own dream piece and spread it. There is always someone who would be grateful for a committed listener and I hope they find you.

Warning to the sound producers: being listened to with great attention might make you feel vulnerable, try to surrender to this feeling and enjoy.